The Customer is a leading national car dealership providing retail sales and services for major automotive brands. The Customer was missing sales & service opportunities due to some customer calls/contacts failing to be managed and actioned appropriately.

Business Requirement

  • A structured and consistent customer contact and lead acquisition process.
  • The solution had to be transparent providing management with comprehensive contact management, monitoring, and control.

Business Solution

  • Talisman’s SmartSwitch™ platform was configured to provide a powerful missed call management process to ensure that each and every inbound customer call was managed and responded to in the most appropriate fashion.
  • The Solution ensures that all unanswered calls are automatically re-routed to Talisman which manages the inbound call and sends an SMS to the caller confirming the call and notifying the caller to expect a call-back.
  • The Solution then forwards the details of the caller to the appropriate service department who then return the call.

Business Benefits

  • End-to-end inbound/outbound call management ensuring that each and every customer/prospect call is rapidly responded to appropriately.
  • Improved customer service levels.
  •  An advanced "free call" service at no cost to caller.
  • Comprehensive management visibility to all customer calls/contacts.
  • Cost-effective outsourced business solution with intuitive user interface.


  • Talisman SmartSwitch™ with SmartCall™, SmartNumber™, SmartChannel™, SmartIVR™, and SmartMessage™.
  • API's for integration with Customer’s back-end systems.
  • Customised voice and data messaging
  • 24x7x365 operation.
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