The Customer is a media and entertainment company with interests in radio, television and television production. Among its many media interests, it controls a popular radio station reaching over 40 million listeners every week.

Business Requirement

  • The Customer needs to efficiently manage inbound call stimulated by numerous concurrent promotions/campaigns conducted by its popular radio programs.
  • The radio stations relationship with its listeners is of paramount import so providing an excellent and consistent customer journey experience is crucial to its ongoing success.
  • The Customer required an affordable yet flexible and reliable solution providing a significantly improved customer journey experience for its callers.
  • This inbound call management solution needed to support real-time monitoring delivering activity updates across the network.
  • Furthermore, the solution was required to support very high instantaneous peak arrival rates based on event-driven listener calls.

Business Solution

  • Utilising Talisman's SmartSwitch™, the caller number is mapped and routed to regional call agents who handle the inbound call and “qualify the caller”. This makes the regional call agents more accountable thereby bringing greater transparency to the process.
  • After caller qualification/vetting and recording the caller details, successful callers are re-routed through to the broadcast studio for on-air connection.
  • All interactions are recorded for quality control and training purposes.

Business Benefits

  • A scaleable, cost-effective, low-risk end-to-end managed service delivered in line with industry best-practices.
  • Provides local call-in numbers in major locations across the country.
  • Significantly improved and secured caller interaction process.


  • Talisman SmartSwitch™ with SmartCall™, Smart Number™, SmartMessage™, SmartIVR™, and SmartCRM™.
  • API's for integration with back-end systems.
  • Customised voice & data messaging.
  • 24x7x365 operation.
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