SmartPABX™ can be rapidly web-provisioned with SmartNumbers™ to provide an immediate and simple cost-effective inbound/outbound customer service solution. It is a highly customisable customer contact solution that provides powerful call centre capabilities at an affordable price point.

In this era where every business communicates with its prospects and customers across a variety of mediums and channels it is the endeavour to ensure that any and every contact is consistent and complimentary.

While the digital channels can provide context for inbound contacts normally the same is hardly true for inbound voice contacts. However, Talisman’s SmartPABX™ provides an inbound/outbound multi-channel solution that coordinates prospect/customer data in to a single view regardless of contact channel. For inbound calls utilising Talisman SmartNumbers™, SmartPABX™ collects caller details and matches these, where applicable, to pre-existing customer information and contact history to provision an efficient and effective multi-channel capability providing a true single customer contact view.

SmartPABX™ is a cloud communications service that provides a web portal that allows any business, large or small, to choreograph specific call flows. The business can choreograph any inbound call to configure decision point events, such as: voice messages (welcome, number busy, no answer, out-of-hours, etc.); call routing (who should receive the call and where they should receive it); call hunting (who will receive the call and in what order); and call events (voice messages, voice mail, call-back, email, SMS, etc.).

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