SmartSMS™ is a cloud communication service that can be rapidly web-provisioned to provide rapid, simple, and powerful direct marketing capabilities suitable for any consumer communication campaign.

Direct digital marketing is an important tool in any outbound marketing or communication campaign. Talisman’s SmartSMS™ provides an innovative marketing communication solution that uses SMS to connect, interact, and engage target mobile phones with rich media content in a secured monitored end-to-end environment.

Using the SmartSMS™ portal, the campaign administrator creates and uploads its promotion or advertisement (videos, photos, and/or text) optionally along with the SMS call list. SmartSMS™ then generates a mobile link address by which any mobile phone can view the rich content portfolio. This mobile link can also be used in physical collateral such as brochures, billboards, websites, etc.

If an SMS call list is loaded, SmartSMS™ schedules the sending of a predefined SMS message along with the mobile link address to each of the mobile numbers listed. When the SMS recipient clicks on the link, the rich media content portfolio is served to the mobile phone in a compelling pre-programmed format and a call-to-action prompted.

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